Free Pattern - A Scarf for an 18-Inch Doll

I had some leftover yarn from a past project which I thought would be a good candidate for a dolly scarf. As this was variegated yarn, the amount of stitches I used resulted in a pretty striped pattern.
I think it turned out well and I used all the yarn literally to its last inch. And my American Girl doll Tenney appears to be pleased with the outcome :).

Here are some more 'candids' of the scarf:):


If you'd like to make a similar scarf, here is the free pattern for you :). It is really a very basic pattern that even the beginner knitters can master easily. Please note, however, that based on the yarns you use, your stripe pattern may look different.

A Scarf for an 18-Inch Doll:


Size 5.5 mm knitting needles
Worsted weight yarn (Amounts may differ depending on the length of the scarf you'd like to make.For this scarf about 20 g of yarn was used).

Gauge (in garter stitch): 

18 stitches - 10 cm
27 rows - 10 cm


The scarf is worked in garter stitch (all rows are worked in knit stitches). Cast on 10 stitches (8 main stitches plus 2 edge stitches). Work in garter stitch until the scarf length equals 43 cm (or longer, if desired). Bind off and weave in the loose yarn ends.

To make a fringe, measure and cut 14 pieces of yarn (7 for each side)  in 10-cm increments.  Fold the strands in half and pull through the first and last row of scarf stitches using a crochet hook. Pull through the loop to secure. To make a fuller fringe, use more yarn strands, as required.