"Prada" Dress for Ellowyne

This Christmas I gave myself a special gift - a new Tonner Ellowyne doll. I got her through a private sale for a very good price - but she arrived absolutely naked. So I needed to make her something to wear. And this something is a dress known as the 'Prada' dress in certain crochet circles!
One good thing about making clothes for dolls is that one can make them clothes one would want for oneself - but for whatever reason one wouldn't make for oneself :). This dress was one such item I always wanted to crochet as a creative challenge, but not as an item of clothing.

This dress was in fact sold by Prada. Here are some photos of the original Prada dress found online:

Eventually the Verena magazine published a pattern for the dress which very closely resembled the original. Here is the Verena version:

My dress for Ellowyne is based on the Verena pattern, though I obviously needed to make lots of changes (such as resizing and crocheting the skirt part in the round). It is made from fine merino wool, which was left over from another project featured here. I could have made the dress longer, if I had more yarn.
Front view:
Back view:
Side view:
My cat also checked out Ellowyne in her new dress :). Truly, beauty and the beast :).