Bergere de France Cardigan

I love elegant designs by Bergere de France and this beautiful cardigan was on my to-do list for a long time! I started working on it several years ago, and then abandoned it, and then started it again, and then it turns out the stash of my Blue Zara yarn had different shades in it and it was showing! so I frogged it and started it again in a different shade of Zara.

Here is how the cardigan has turned out:

I made a few modifications:

First of all, I used larger 4 mm needles to accommodate the yarn. I also did not do the bell-shaped sleeves (because I was afraid of running out of yarn), but I made them longer. I also made the body of the cardigan longer than the original pattern indicated. This required some recalculations of the original pattern.

The back of the cardigan:

Details of the sleeve edge: