Indoor Coat for My Mom

During chilly Canadian winters my Mom loves to wear warm clothes inside the house. One of her favourite things to wear has been this cardigan which I made in the 1990s! Obviously, it is getting really worn out and I've decided to create something new for my Mom which would be super-warm, yet soft, fluffy and fairly light to wear.

The project is improvised by me. It is worked in a raglan pattern from the top down with front parts (including ribbing) and the back finished as one piece, and sleeves completed individually.

As I had only 2 balls of variegated yarn and 6 balls of fluffy yarn, I needed to ensure I had enough yarn to make the coat, so I included the leftover mohair yarn from my Krymska Shawl project.

Here is how this project turned out. I believe it meets all the requirements of warmth, fluffiness, softness and lightness, despite looking bulky:

The 'unbuttoned' view:

View from the back:

As there were a few meters of yarn left, I crocheted these little decorative flowers, which I tried felting in the washer. They felted but not a 100 percent. That's how they look before felting:

 That's how they look after I felted them and embroidered them with various colored beads:

Additional details of sleeves and front:

Here is the close-up that shows how different yarns create the structure of the coat surface.