Sweet Cupcake Set for a Little Girl

I am fortunate to have several godchildren. One of them is a cute little girl, who I love knitting and crocheting for. For her 4th birthday I have decided to make ... a crochet cupcake set, which consists of a cupcake hat, a cupcake scarf and a cupcake purse!

To make the hat, I have incorporated a lovely pattern by Jenni Catavu with the following changes:

1) Crocheted an additional row in ‘frosting’ colour (13 rows together with the ‘shell’ row.

2) Crocheted 5 double crochets in each ‘shell’ and skipped two stitches on both sides of the slip stitch, which is as follows:

Sk 2, in next: *dc, 5 tr, dc, sk 2, sl st in 3.*

3) used alternating Front Post Double Crochet and Back Post Double Crochet stitches to create a kind of ribbing.

Here is how the hat turned out:

And here is the scarf, which is a total improvization.

If you want to make a similar scarf, here are a few technical images which may assist you. This is how I began to crochet the scarf. You can see a sort of  a funnel crocheted with the same ribbing I used on the hat and purse.

 This photo shows construction of the body of the scarf. Once you achieve the desired length of the scarf body, execute the funnel in the reverse order.

This photo shows the top of the 'cupcake' which is attached to align with the ribbed funnel to make a pretty cupcake at each end of the scarf :). Don't forget the pom-poms!

Every young lady needs a purse to match her accessories. So I've made a little cupcake purse which has the same elements as the hat and the scarf.

If you want to make a similar purse, you can utilize this photo, which shows in detail how the base of the purse is constructed.

This photo shows the side of the purse. To finalize it, crochet a long chain of the desired length and thread it across the top edge of the purse.