Crocheted Mega-Bag for Recycling

We have a problem of constantly overflowing recycling container in the garage which quickly fills up with empty milk and soft drinks bottles. And I have a problem of the overflowing shelves in my craft room where there is too much yarn!

So, to solve these two problems, I decided to use as much suitable yarn and crochet as a big bag as possible! I did not have a pattern to follow, so just went ahead with it and improvised along the way.

Here is what has transpired as a result:

I used thick acrylic bright green yarn and a 6 mm crochet for the bottom:

I used a humongous ball of a plain cotton yarn (the one they sell to make dishcloths)  and 5.5 mm crochet for the body of the bag:

 And finally, I used somewhat matching orange cotton yarn and 5 mm crochet to make the bag top and handles.

I used all yarn literally to the last inch - the centers of the flowers are bright green and one of the flowers has only three petals, LOL :).