Retro Dress, Hat and Purse for an 18-Inch Doll

I love going to thrift stores, because they are fantastic for finding little treasures, such as dolls and various high quality yarn :). As a result, I have accumulated tons of various crochet thread, and this project is a part of my efforts to use my stash!

So I used a larger cone of yellow crochet thread to make this retro-looking pineapple lace dress and a matching hat and purse for my dolls!

Here is how the set looks on my lovely American Girl brunette:

Looking vintage in black-and-white:

View from the back:

Crochet flowers with tiny bead detail decorate the dress:

Hat decor matches the dress:

 Close up of the hat:


To shape the hat, I blew up a balloon which was approximately the size of the hat top, and then positioned the hat on top of the balloon, which in turn was sitting on top of a flower vase. I sprayed the hat with liquid starch several times to ensure it was firm enough.


The matching purse completes the ensemble: