Making Clothes for Ellowyne

Since Tonner Ellowyne Wilde entered the doll world, I have been in awe. In early 2017 my first Ellowyne joined my doll family. She was acquired for a very good price, which was partially so good because the doll came buck naked!

So I have finally decided to make some clothes for my Ello. I started with a few crochet outfits. But they needed some matching items, so here they are:

1) Stretch pants. These were made from my daughter's pants. One child pant leg yielded a pair for a doll!

Here is how Ellowyne looks in her new pants. The top section does not fit perfectly but that's because I did not use elastic (would be too bulky) and instead maximized natural stretch of fabric to put pants on and take them off. I used tiny zigzag stitch for jersey fabric to top stitch the edge.

The sides of pants have been taken in to shape them better.

2) Pink slip. I made it primarily as something to wear under a purple crochet dress for my Ellowyne. It is not fully completed (arm openings are not properly done), but here it goes:

3) Night gown. It was made from my daughter's top, which she wore when she was 4 :). Here is the whole process:

The top as is, before I started cutting.

 Little sleeves are a perfect size for a doll's dress.

  Once I determined how long I want the dress to be, I cut off the required sleeve portion.


 I cut out the back, as shown in the photo:

Next step is determining where we want arm openings to go. I marked them with chalk.

Then I cut out the marked areas, as needed.

Here is how the slip fits now:

Now it is time to work on putting it together. I used some trim around the edges and to make straps. First I sewed the trim around arm openings:

And then around the edges of the back cutout, leaving some trim to make straps.

Finally I sewed the straps to the front section of the night gown and sewed a horizontal strip of trim across to finish. I used the same trim at the bottom edge of the slip.

Here is how the final night slip looks:

View from the back:

 Ellowyne seems pleased with her new clothes, and so am I :).