Red Lace Jacket

I am a big fan of unusual, challenging and stimulating knitting patterns, and this project was made based on a pattern just like that. It is from the Russian knitting and crochet magazine called 'Zhurnal Mod' (which is translated as 'Fashion Magazine' :)).

This jacket is made with Berocco Zodiac yarn, which provided somewhat larger gauge - which made the final product fit my size perfectly. This yarn, however, has low yardage and I had to use 15 skeins to complete my project.

The jacket is worked from neck down, with sleeves knit separately, and then front sides and back completed simultaneously. The sleeves, front sides and back are lightly flared at the bottom due to the lace triangle inclusion.

View from the back:

Details of the lace pattern on the back:

Details of the lace pattern on the sleeves and bottom of the jacket:

Not the best pictures, as the yarn is somewhat shiny and I did not have the greatest light when taking them. But it will give you a good idea of how much fun I had while making this jacket :).